Phenterex is a common weight-loss drug that has earned much popularity in recent years. Inform yourself about this drug, including its usage, ingredients, dosage, side effects and more.

What is Phenterex?

It is a type of fat burner which suppresses the appetite and helps you to lose fat effectively in order to reshape your body.  The active ingredients present in the pill reduce the excess weight in obese individuals, when taken along with healthy diet and proper exercise. Individuals who are at risk due to excess body weight are recommended with the medicine. It does not require a prescription since it is a natural supplement.

Phenterex Purpose

This diet pill is recommended only for obese and overweight individuals. This drug pill helps you to lose all the unnecessary fat, flab and cellulite in your body and reshape the structure. Certain ingredients present in the pill- Synephrine and Phenylethylamine suppresses your appetite and enhances the fat burning metabolism. The two essential ingredients reduce your hunger cravings and hence you eat less in each meal. By enhancing the metabolism boosting energy along with thermogenic body heat, the drug pill helps the obese patients to reduce their fat significantly.

Phenterex Ingredients

This effective weight loss pill comprises of a number of elements, including:

  • Rvingia Gabonensis
  • Phenylethylamine
  • Humulus Lupus
  • Caffeine
  • Synephrine
  • Chocamine

Phenterex : Mechanism of action

Synephrine is considered to be one of the most essential ingredients in reducing body fat. This is due to the reason that Synephrine is equally effective as Ephedra and does not have any side effect. Synephrine comprises of essential fat burning properties and hunger suppressing elements which affects the total body fat. However, manufacturers of Phenterex may not disclose the possible side effects of Synephrine which includes few cardiovascular problems like:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart arrhythmias

Phenterex Dosage

It is a prescription-free drug and can be issued by chemists without a doctor’s recommendation. In case you want to reduce your body fat rapidly, 500mg of Phenterex is adequate. It cuts down the fat intake by 2000 calories. It is one of the most effective products available in the market without prescription. 500mg of Phenterex suppresses the hunger and sugar cravings and hence minimizes the calories intake on a regular basis.

Phenterex Missed Dose

If you miss a dose of the pill due to any reason, you may have a strong appetite on that particular day and feel hungrier. Continue with your normal regime the following day.

Phenterex Picture

Phenterex Diet

Doctors do not prescribe any strict diet regime for Phenterex users. If you take the diet pill on a regular basis, there is not likely to be any change in your eating habits. Only the quantity of your food and the frequency of having it will be changed. Doctors highly prescribe to use the medicine as a complete weight loss program which comprises of exercise and healthy diet.

Phenterex Side Effects

According to medical researchers, Phenterex is considered to be an unsafe diet pill. A number of severe side effects can occur do to the stimulants present in the drug pill. Such side effects include:

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Jitteriness
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Abnormal sweating
  • Feeling dizzy
  • High anxiety levels
  • Skin flushing
  • Fatigue

Phenterex Advantages

The drug has a few medical advantages over other diet pills. Such advantages include:

  • Non-requirement of prescription for obtaining the medicine
  • Assurance of elevation of metabolic rate due to presence of caffeine in the drug pills

Phenterex Disadvantages

Usage of the drug pill has a number of disadvantages for the human body.

  • The drug pill is not safe for people who are dieting
  • Too much caffeine is present in the diet pill. While presence of caffeine boosts metabolic rate, an excess of it is also disadvantageous for the body.

Phenterex Duration

Generally, consumption of the diet pill for a period of minimum 3 months can yield fruitful results in the body of the patient. Stop taking the medicine once you have reduced desire amount of fat from your body. People generally do not use the medicine for more than a period 2 years.

Phenterex Expected Weight Loss

Expected weight loss depends on your body chemistry, eating habits and diet. Various individuals have different metabolism rate which determines their total weight loss. However, if you take the pills as prescribed and comply with your diet, you are expected to lose five to eight pounds per week.

Drug Interactions of Phenterex

You should consult with your doctor if you are under any other form of this medication, including herbal products and over-the-counter medicines. If your physician allows, you should take Phenterex along with your regular medicines.

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